Welcome to Saiko City

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Once familiar, our world is now a stranger to us – a testament to our catastrophic creation. In the year 2187, the entire globe breathes in the ruins of the Apocalyptic Reckoning, an AI-biotech calamity that condemned all the elders. Only the young stood resilient, their pliable forms enduring the savage upheavals of life and technology. Thus birthed the era of Saiko.

In the aftermath, a chilling adversary arose which we now call the Undead. These were no decaying relics of horror, but a terrifying synthesis of organic tissue and high-grade AI-infused metal, pitiless and unstoppable, born only to survive, reproduce, and extinguish human life. In this eerie darkness, the young were not mere survivors, they were the vanguard of humanity.

Amidst the ruins, teenage warriors found refuge. Their struggle was not solitary. Younger children, born with an innate knack for the tech of their world, were the architects of survival. They reshaped the scattered tech debris into tools vital for survival, creating new tools of survival representing their ingenious creations.

What lay ahead was more than a battle for life. It was a fight for humanity’s soul, a rally for unity against despair, an exhibit of courage against odds, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. 

In the grim shadow of the reckoning, a collective consciousness emerged, known only as Saiko, a beacon of hope capturing the unyielding will of a generation that refused to yield to the encroaching night.

Welcome to Saiko City – a city aflame with the neon glow of defiance, where the human spirit thrives amidst adversity. Embrace the darkness, ignite the the light and enter our world. Humanity’s future rests with you.